Garbage Disposal Santa Monica

Garbage Disposal Santa Monica

Garbage disposal units, similar to other machinery we have at home, do not last forever. At some point, they will experience some problems, and this could bring so much inconvenience for us homeowners. It could be a cause of a stinky smell that you will be pestered by it, but neighbors would probably complain of the foul smell it may bring. However, garbage disposal units are essential to your kitchen as all your rubbish goes straight to that machinery. So having it fixed immediately by professionals at Garbage Disposal Santa Monica is the best move. But when should you call our experts? We have prepared some of the common issues, and when you experience any of them, contact us immediately.

Garbage disposal units make noise whenever they are turned on. And when you turn them on, and there is no sound, you may want to press the reset button, which can usually be found at the bottom of the unit and usually red. Once pressed, and nothing happened, you have to check your circuit breaker and wirings. If your breaker did not trip, then it could be the power button is damaged or the whole unit itself. If you have a good background as an electrician, then you may be free to do so. However, we do not highly recommend doing this because it could result in more damages.

If your garbage disposal unit has liquid leaking, the most obvious way to fix it is by using a sealant. However, this could also be a sign of a severe problem with your garbage disposal. The leak may be coming from the sink’s drain hole, called the sink flange; it may need to be tightened, or it could be the putty that needs to be appropriately reapplied. Other reasons for the leaking are because of cracks. Like other appliances, it can get damaged by receiving too much pressure, resulting in cracks.

When your garbage disposal unit is getting slow draining trash, never use a chemical drain to damage the unit more. Garbage disposal clogged can be solved by using baking soda and vinegar. However, if it still does not work, you need to call professionals to do the job as it requires technical knowledge. Our professionals at Garbage Disposal Santa Monica will remove the correct bolts. This will allow us to disconnect the drain trap. From there, we can discharge the drain pipe and check for any clogs. In this way, we can remove the blockage by using the appropriate tools to make the job efficient.

For jammed units, it is best to turn them off to save on more costs. If you turn it on, it might bring more damage that would make you lose more money. Call us immediately and have it checked. Usually, we will need to replace some parts that cause your unit to jam. However, other units have an unjam button. It could be helpful in some cases, but when pressed and nothing happened, call us immediately as we have the right tools for the job.

There are other problems that can happen to your garbage disposal unit. Remember that when it is not fixable anymore, there is a reliable team to help you out - Garbage Disposal Replacement Santa Monica is here to find the perfect garbage disposal unit that you need. It will not break your wallet.

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